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Copyright © 2024 Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation

​​​​​​​​​​There are a number of policies and procedures at Toronto Seniors Housing that help to make our communities better places to live for tenants across Toronto.

As part of our transition to operations, the Toronto Seniors Housing Board of Directors is in the process of updating and approving all its policies. Those that have been approved are hyperlinked below. The remaining policies will be added over time.

Navigate to a policy category:

General Policies

Accessible Customer Service Policy​​
Accessible Customer Service Policy Guidelines
Accessibility in the Built Environment Policy and Building Standards on Accessibility
Accessibility Policy
Translation​ and Interpretation Policy

Deputation Policy​​

Elections and political activity
Elections Policy

Human resources, hiring and fair wages
Acting Assignment Policy
Added Responsibility Pay Premium Policy
Benefit Waiting Period Policy
Fair Wage Policy​
Flex Work Policy
Hiring Policy​
Hours of Work Policy 
Jury Duty and Witness Service Policy
Long-Term Disability Policy
Overtime and Lieu Time Policy
Probationary Period Policy
Psychological Health and Safety Policy
Re-hiring Employees after Separation Policy
Short-Term Disability Policy
Use of Consultants Policy​
Workplace Accommodation Policy
Workplace Harassment Policy
Workplace Violence Policy

Human Rights
Human Rights, Harassment and Fair Access Policy – Tenants
Tenant Complaint Procedure
Workplace Diversity Policy ​

Operational Policies
Classification Scheme
Expense Reimbursement Policy
Information Breach Policy
Investment Policy
Records Management Policy
Rider to Records Management Document

Parking Policy

Tenant Engagement and Tenant Representatives
Community Activities Fund Policy
Removal of a Tenant Representative
Roles and Responsibilities of Tenant Representatives
Tenant Representative Code of Conduct​​​

​​​Closed Circuit Television Policy​​​​
Health and Safety Policy Statement

Tenant Absences, Transfers, Relocation and Evictions
Absence from Unit Policy
Addition to Family Composition Directive​​
Eviction Prevention Policy for Non-Payment of Rent (Arrears)​
Evictions for Cause Policy
Relocation Policy​
Tenant Transfer Policy
Visitor and Guest Policy
Unit Condition Follow-Up Process

Social media policy
Social media terms of use​

Board of Directors Reimbursement Policy
Board of Directors Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy​
Conflict of Interest Policy for Directors of the Board
Conflict of Interest Policy Q&A
Board of Directors Meeting Policy
Director Education and Board​ Development Policy
External Directorship Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy (Employees)
Fraud Prevention Policy​​
Whistleblower Policy
Privacy Policy
Procurement Policy
Code of Conduct Policy (Employees)

Use of Common Spaces
​​​​Using Common Space Policy​
Non-Residential Use of Space Policy for Agencies
Non-Residential Use of Space Policy for Tenants and Tenant-Led Groups

Vulnerability Definition Policy​ and Vulnerability Operational Guideline ​​