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Enhancing fire safety logo with a flame under a cancel sign.

If you discover a fire, always call 911

  • Never assume that someone else has already called 911.
  • Give your name, building address and the location of the fire.

For all other safety concerns, please call the Community Safety Unit at ​416-921-2323.

Toronto Seniors Housing works with Toronto Fire Services to inform and engage tenants about fire safety. Fire safety is a top priority in Toronto Seniors Housing, and we are committed to promoting fire prevention in our communities.

Fire safety tips​

Here are some tips to help you prepare their household for an emergency:

  • Create a fire safety plan so that everyone in your household knows what to do in an emergency.
  • Create an emergency kit and know where it is located in your home.
  • Have tenant insurance to protect your household belongings.

If there is a fire:

  • If there is a fire and you are unable to put it out, pull the nearest fire alarm and call 911.
  • If you are able to leave your home, do so using the nearest exit.
  • If you are unable to leave your home, seal all cracks where smoke can enter by using wet towels or sheets and cover mail slots and ventilation outlets with tape.

Get more fire safety tips​.

False fire alarms​

The money we spend on false fire alarms reduces the amount we can spend on repairs, tenant services and other programs.

You should only pull the fire alarm when there is a fire because:

  • It is an unnecessary distraction for tenants and staff.
  • The alarm forces emergency vehicles to come to the scene when they could be putting out a real fire.
  • The alarm creates panic among tenants.

Smoke alarms​

There is a smoke alarm installed in every Toronto Seniors Housing home. The smoke alarm goes off when it detects smoke in the unit.

Toronto Seniors Housing’s staff check that the smoke alarm is working every time they enter the unit and during the annual inspection. Do not remove or disconnect smoke alarms in your home. Doing so puts yourself, your family and your neighbours in danger.

You could be fined up to $50,000 for disconnecting or removing the smoke alarm in your unit and you could face eviction.

If the smoke alarm is not working in your home, please contact the Tenant Support Centre or inform your building’s Superintendent​.

Tenant insurance​

The purpose of insurance is to protect a household from unexpected events that may occur and help cover the costs to replace items. In situations of loss, theft or damages to the home, Toronto Seniors Housing’s corporate insurance only covers damages to the building or the property owned by the organization. Tenants’ belongings and other things that tenants bring into their homes are not covered.

Tenants should get tenant insurance to protect their household belongings. You can contact Housing Services Corporation to apply for tenant insurance.

All tenants of Toronto Seniors Housing are eligible to get tenant insurance coverage. Tenants on Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) can apply to have a portion of their income go toward the tenant insurance coverage.

Learn more about the Tenant Insurance Program offered to tenants of Toronto Seniors Housing.