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Toronto Seniors Housing buildings include many spaces that we all share. 

Laundry rooms

Most Toronto Seniors Housing buildings have laundry rooms with coin or card-operated washers and dryers. Hours and prices are posted in each laundry room. If you see a machine that is not working, or a machine keeps your coins, call the number posted in your laundry room.

Recreation rooms​

Many Toronto Seniors Housing buildings have recreation rooms, meeting rooms and gyms. Residents and resident groups can book these rooms for meetings, parties or other events. You may need to pay a fee and purchase insurance.

To find out how you can book a space, read the Non-Residential Use of Space Policy. Find it on our Policies page. To request/book a space, please contact the Tenant Support Centre at 416-945-0800 or


All hallways in Toronto Seniors Housing buildings must be kept clear. It is a fire hazard to block the hallway.

Do not leave the following items in the hallway:

  • furniture
  • carpets for your unit
  • scooters and bicycles
  • strollers
  • walkers
  • items you have to throw in the garbage

Bring household waste and large garbage items to the designated area of your property.

Need to get rid of furniture or large items?
If you have questions about how and where to throw away old furniture or large items:

  • ask your Superintendent
  • call the Tenant Support Centre at 416-945-0800

Share the air

Products like hair gel, soap, perfume, and lotion contain chemicals and scents that affect other people’s health and may make them feel sick. Never use aerosol sprays or powders in common hallways. Please consider using “scent-free” products in other common areas. Your choice affects your neighbours.

Unauthorized use of common spaces

Unauthorized events in common spaces are not permitted. If you are affected by an unauthorized event in your community, call the Community Safety Unit at 416-921-2323 to report your concerns.

Lobby channel feed

Most Toronto Seniors Housing high-rise buildings have a lobby area with a camera that provides a live feed through residents’ televisions. Until recently, residents could access this lobby channel feed without a cable subscription.

Bell and Rogers have recently upgraded their technology so that a digital box is now needed to view all cable TV channels. As a result, some residents can no longer view the lobby camera through their TV. This change-over in technology is not just in Toronto Seniors Housing buildings, but in other residential apartment buildings and condominiums throughout the city.

We are working with the cable companies, notably Rogers, to support residents as best as we can. However, we have no control over how the cable companies deliver their services. The lobby channel is completely separate from Toronto Seniors Housing’s network of 6,000 security cameras, which are linked to dedicated and secured recording systems.​

How to request the TSHC intercom home service
The intercom home service is how TSHC ensures that only authorized persons enter your building. It allows you to talk to people in the lobby area and to open the lobby door for persons you know.

TSHC apartment buildings are equipped with either an autodial telecom system or a hardwired system. Check with your building superintendent to find out what kind of intercom system is available in your building.

To be connected to the TSHC intercom system, you need to have a functioning mobile phone or a landline phone with a Toronto area code (416, 647 or 437).

Are you ready to request the TSHC intercom home service?

Step 1

  • Contact your building superintendent. He or she will ask you for your phone number and other necessary information, which will be entered into the system.
  • If you can’t reach the superintendent, you can call the Tenant Support Centre at 416-945-0800 to request an intercom home service connection.

Step 2

  • A Support Care Agent will answer your call and confirm your phone number and home address.

Step 3

  • A Support Care Agent will give you a reference number. Keep this number handy.

Step 4

  • TSHC staff will review your request and assign a technician to set up your intercom home service using an autodial intercom system or a hardwired system.
  • For an autodial intercom system, you must have a Toronto area code phone number (416, 647 or 437) registered with a service provider such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Wind, Koodo, Chatr or PC Mobile. The connection will be done remotely. You will be able to use the intercom home service within two (2) business days.
  • For a hardwired system, you must have a landline phone. A staff person or a contractor will be sent to your home to connect your landline phone to the TSHC intercom system within five (5) business days. You will receive a 24-hour notice of entry, if there’s a need to enter your home. Remember to check for I.D. when the staff person or contractor arrives.
  • If you don’t have a landline phone for the hardwired system but would like to use the intercom home service, TSHC can provide you with a special table phone for free. The table phone, however, can only be used for intercom purposes. You can’t make a phone call with it.
  • Remember, when you change your mobile phone or landline phone service provider, you MUST inform TSHC about the changes so that our staff can reconnect you to the intercom system.