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Tenant Charter

The purpose of the Tenant Charter is to communicate Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation’s (TSHC) service commitments and set out accountabilities for all employees and tenants.

Everyone working at, living in or visiting Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation shares the responsibility of maintaining a culture of respect, safety, equity and inclusiveness.

Community Collaboration

All employees will:

  • Support community engagement by sharing opportunities to participate in activities that help create healthy communities
  • Promote and communicate environmentally friendly activities
  • Provide access to common spaces in a fair and equitable manner
  • Work collaboratively with community partners and provide relevant information to tenants to maintain successful tenancies

All tenants will:

  • Have the opportunity to vote for position(s) in Toronto Seniors Housing’s Tenant Engagement System once developed
  • Have the opportunity to participate in meetings and community activities
  • Have the opportunity to take a leadership role in organizing local initiatives and represent the needs and wishes of their communities


    All employees will:

    • Work to earn, develop and maintain the trust of tenants through honest, accountable and transparent service
    • Provide service in an unbiased and equitable manner
    • Support an inclusive environment that promotes dignity and respect
    • Show commitment and dedication to any task being undertaken

    All tenants will:

    • Support an inclusive environment that promotes dignity and respect


    All employees will:

    • Provide respectful, professional and courteous service at all times
    • Listen to and acknowledge issues and concerns raised by tenants
    • Communicate in a clear and open manner

    All tenants will:

    • Communicate and interact with all persons who live in and work at TSHC in a polite and courteous manner


    All employees will:

    • Support our mission to provide clean, safe, well-maintained, affordable homes
    • Make information about service standards and processes for addressing service requests or complaints readily available
    • Take ownership and update tenants in a timely manner on the status of their request or complaint according to the applicable service standard
    • Hold service providers working on TSHC properties accountable
    • Take appropriate tenancy management action to address illegal activity and anti-social behaviour on TSHC property
    • Provide language interpretation at meetings upon request

    All tenants will:

    • Be transparent and accountable when they represent other tenants
    • Maintain their own units, keep common spaces clean and be responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of occupants, guests and all pets they bring into the community
    • Report safety issues and/or hazardous conditions to staff

    Accessibility for persons with disabilities

    TSHC is and will continue to be committed to providing accessible service. This includes meeting its duty to accommodate disabilities under the Human Rights Code, and the standards set out in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


    Nothing in this charter should be seen to take away from the rules set out in any laws, such as the Residential Tenancies Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code, TSHC policies, or any other legal commitments, such as a lease.

    Other ways to access the Tenant Charter: 

    A graphic of the Toronto Seniors Housing tenant charter. The headings are Community Collaboration, Integrity, Respect and Accountability. The purpose of the tenant charter is to communicate Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation's service commitments and set out accountabilities for all employees and tenants.