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In 2011, Toronto City Council approved a plan to exempt 383 TCHC buildings from municipal education and property taxes. As a result, TSHC is not required to pay property taxes for most of its buildings. This may impact how you should file your taxes.

Check your building’s tax status

Knowing the property tax status of your home could inform how you file your taxes. We recommend that tenants meet with a tax professional before filing their taxes, including whether to apply for the Ontario Trillium Benefit.

Filing your taxes

Some important information that tenants should understand about the upcoming tax season include:

  • Anyone receiving rent-geared-to-income (RGI) must file taxes every year.
  • The deadline to file personal taxes each year is April 30.
  • Tenants may be eligible for various tax benefits and credits, such as the disability tax credit and a one-time top-up of $500 as part of the Canada Housing Benefit.
  • A tenant’s eligibility for the Ontario Trillium Benefit may be impacted by the property tax status of their building. Check your building’s tax status in the section above.

A tax professional can help find out what benefits apply to you.

Free tax clinics

The Canada Revenue Agency and Toronto Public Library support free tax clinics or programs. Please visit the websites below for program eligibility and location information: