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In 2011, Toronto City Council approved a plan to exempt certain social housing buildings from municipal education and property taxes and redirect the tax savings to fund capital repairs to buildings. Most–but not all–Toronto Seniors Housing buildings are exempt from property tax. To find out if your building is exempt, please look at your rent receipt. You can request a rent receipt from the Tenant Support Centre at or by calling 416-945-0800.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, taxpayers who are claiming the Ontario Trillium benefit should not include the rent they paid for a principal residence that was not subject to property tax. The Ontario Trillium Benefit is a provincial program that is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency. Learn more.

Knowing the property tax status of your home is important information that could inform how you file your taxes. We recommend that tenants seek advice from a tax professional before filing their taxes, including when considering a claim for the Ontario Trillium Benefit. While Toronto Seniors Housing does not provide such advice, it may be available to Toronto Seniors Housing tenants through tax clinics listed below.

Free tax clinics

Canada Revenue Agency supports a number of free tax clinics in the GTA, as does the City of Toronto. You can visit their websites to find out more information and learn if you are eligible to participate in programs.