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1. Giving notice

When you are ready to move out, you must give notice in writing 60 days (two full calendar months) before you plan to move and the move-out date must be the last day of a month. Please give your move-out notice to your Regional office.

2. Returning keys and fobs

You must return all unit keys, including mailbox keys and key fobs, parking garage keys and parking ​stickers, before you leave. Give them to your Superintendent or Regional office. Your rental account will be charged if you do not return these items.

3. Rent and other charges

You are charged and responsible for the rent up to the end of the 60-day (two full calendar months) period after giving in your notice, even if you need to move out earlier. For example:

  • If you gave written notice on March 1, you will pay rent for March and April and will move out before May 1.
  • If you gave written notice on February 15, you will pay rent until April 30 and move out before May 1.

You are responsible for the cost of:

  •  repairing any damage you caused to the unit
  • cleaning your unit if it is dirty when you leave
  • disposing of any items you leave behind​

4. Inspection

Toronto Seniors Housing staff will inspect your unit shortly after you give written move-out notice. They will inspect it again after you have moved out. Your unit should be in its original condition. You will be charged for any damage to your unit, beyond normal wear and tear.

For example, if you put up wallpaper, you will have to remove it before you move out. If you do not remove the wallpaper, Toronto Seniors Housing will remove it and will charge the cost back to your rental account. Any unpaid balance in your rental account will be considered and collected as former tenant arrears.

5. Former tenant arrears

In order to apply for rent-geared-to-income housing in the future, you must have a repayment agreement in place and be in good standing if you owe any former tenant arrears to a social housing provider.

Toronto Seniors Housing will not approve affordable rental applications if the applicant is a former tenant with Toronto Community Housing with former tenant arrears. Arrears can be from unpaid rent, parking, maintenance, legal fees and any other charges. Arrears must be paid in full in order to be considered for any new affordable rental vacancies.