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If you pay rent-geared-to-income, we will send you a rent review package once a year. The package includes forms that you must fill out to report the income of everyone in your household. You must complete and return these forms by the specified deadline. If you do not, you could lose your rent-geared-to-income subsidy.

Call the Tenant Support Centre at 416-945-0800 to set up an appointment if you need help completing these forms.

Documentation required for your annual rent review

The City of Toronto’s Rent-Geared-to-​Income (RGI) Administration manual explains what documents are needed for the annual rent review process based on each household member’s employment status and income sources. Toronto Seniors Housing is committed to meeting that standard so that we calculate your rent accurately, help you keep your subsidy and conduct consistent, fair and thorough reviews.

The How to show proof of household income and assets guide summarizes what documentation you need for your annual rent review.

Reporting changes to your income

If your income, asset or household composition changes outside of your normal annual review time, you must report the change in writing or in-person to your Tenant Services Coordinator within 30 calendar days of the change. If you do not report these changes, you could be charged for back rent or lose your rent-geared-to-income subsidy, or both.

Request for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) review

Use the Request for Review Form (PDF)​ to ask for a review of any of the following rent-geared-to-income (RGI) decisions:

  • Amount of rent payable
  • Size and type of unit that a household is eligible for
  • Eligibility for accessible housing

The Regional office must receive your request in writing within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Decision letter (the due date is on the letter).

Use the City of Toronto Request for Review Form (PDF) to ask for a review of loss of eligibility (subsidy) for RGI assistance decisions.

Requests for review of loss of eligibility must be mailed, emailed or faxed within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Decision letter. Do not drop them off in person.

City of Toronto, Housing Stability Services

Attention: Review Body
Metro Hall
55 John Street, 6th floor
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6
Fax: 416-696-3718