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Regional Manager: 
Michael Bezoff

Office Location:
145 Strathmore Blvd.

Tel.: 416-945-0800


Office Hours: By appointment, Monday-Friday between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. When you contact the regional office for an appointment, you may be redirected to site staff, depending on your particular need.

Please contact the Seniors Services Coordinator assigned to your building for any issues related to your tenancy and to get information/referrals to community agencies/services. For building or unit maintenance issues, please contact your Superintendent. The name and contact information of the staff assigned to your site are posted on your building’s notice board.

SE  Development Name SE  Building Address Ward
**Donvale Manor 330 Gerrard St. E. 13
**Edna Dixon Apartments 540 Queen St. E. 13
**King Street East (585) 585 King Street East 13
**Riverdale Acres 230 River St. 13
**Sackville St. (252) 252 Sackville St. 13
**William Dennison Apartments 310 Dundas St. E. 13
**William Dennison Apartments 237 Sherbourne St. 13
**Winchester Square 55 Bleecker St. 13
Blair Court 266 Donlands Ave. 14
Broadview Ave. (717) 717 Broadview Ave. 14
Broadview Manor 80 Danforth Ave. 14
Frances Beavis Manor 369 Pape Ave. 14
Greenwood Towers 145 Strathmore Blvd. 14
May Birchard Apartments 859 Dundas St. E. 14
Beaches Lions Centennial 50 Norway Ave. 19
East York Acres 9 Haldon Ave. 19
Glen Stewart Acres 828 Kingston Rd. 19
Hanson House 7 Coatsworth Cr. 19
Kinsmen Manor 2287 Gerrard St. E. 19
Woodbine Acres 133 Merrill Ave. E. 19
Byng Towers 3330 Danforth Ave. 20
Scarborough Acres 575 Danforth Rd. 20
St. George Manor 17 Brimley Rd. 20