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100 Day Priorities

November 21, 2022

100 Day Priorities

Tenants told us they wanted us to focus on these priorities in the First 100 Days. Here’s how we did from June to August.

Safety and Security

Tenants want to feel safer in their communities and homes.

  • Completed 6 key FOB audits
  • Cancelled 191 inactive FOBs
  • Establishing a safety and security Quality Improvement Project
  • Completed 6 building Safety and Security Audits

Communications with Staff

Tenants want to have better relationships with staff.

  • A plan is being developed for further staff training when working with seniors in the areas of: Empathy, Patience, Respect, People Skills

Access to Support and Services

Tenants want improved access to support and services to continue to live independently in their homes.

  • 363 tenant referrals made to support agencies from June to August
  • Reallocating seven staff resources to create a pest control team to help support tenants in need

Community Development

Tenants want more opportunities to socialize with each other and improved access to common spaces.

  • Board approved Tenant Action Fund: Funded 17 tenant-led events equaling $14,293
  • Current community programs include: 6 Faith -based 10 Health and Wellness 11 Food Security 19 Personal Development 70 Social Recreation
  • The CEO Listening Tour visited over 600 tenants at 22 buildings
  • Quality Improvement Projects underway based on tenant feedback
  • Hired full-time Complaint Resolution Specialist to document and respond to tenant complaints
  • Completed tenant engagement for 85 tenant and agency-led programs across
  • Fall consultations are planned for 30 programs across 20 buildings including tenant input on Use of Space policy

Tenancy Management

Tenants want help understanding forms and processes related to keeping their tenancy.

  • Decreased the number of outstanding rent reviews
  • Seniors Services Coordinators are prepared to provide more support for the 2023 tax season
  • A comprehensive staff training plan is being developed

We share this information to show progress, knowing that much more work needs to be done in all of these areas. While this report is only for the First 100 Days, these items are now ongoing priorities for us, as part of our Quality Improvement Projects. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress.