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A leader in advocating for tenants with physical disabilities and creating accessibility solutions that work.

The Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) Committee is a resident-led group whose goal is to improve the quality of life for people with physical disabilities and to support Toronto Seniors Housing in being a leader in accessible housing.

The R-PATH Committee works with Toronto Seniors Housing to identify and remove accessibility barriers, improving the lives of tenants with physical disabilities.

R-PATH is a volunteer committee of residents that helps Toronto Community Housing and Toronto Seniors Housing meet the needs of residents living with accessibility needs. R-PATH is resident-led and driven. Members of the committee all live with physical disabilities and have completed AODA-compliance training. R-PATH advocates for:

  • policies, processes and procedures related to accessibility
  • building standards
  • practical assessments for unit and common-space modifications
  • legal requirements
  • accessibility budget needs

R-PATH meets with residents in Toronto Seniors Housing by request. If you would like to join R-PATH or need help meeting an accessibility need, visit the R-PAT​H Facebook page or call the chair, Cathy Birch, at 647-201-7941.

R-PATH is composed of up to 12 members who all have physical disabilities. Each member has a unique set of skills and experience in advocating for accessibility and/or tenants. The committee represents the needs and interests of all types of physical disabilities, including people who use wheelchairs and scooters, walkers, visual or hearing impaired devices, and people who are living with a child or spouse who has mobility challenges and invisible disabilities.

Are you interested in contributing your time, skills and leadership to support R-PATH’s work? Application for new members is open. Please contact R-PATH Chair Cathy Birch at to receive information on the activities of the committee and how you can volunteer.